SingleID: Edgar Storytelling in Practice

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How we helped the guys at SingleID find their own single ID: a coherent and unified brand story and personality that fits their awesome product.


What’s that? You lost your password again? Where did you store it? Oh, I see, on some random post-it note that was lying around on your desk. Well, maybe it’s time you thought about alternatives.

One such alternative comes in the form of SingleID, an app that says ‘goodbye’ to all passwords, usernames and fill-out forms. Forever. Imagine all the people living… without passwords. It’s easy if you try!

The guys at SingleID did. Amazed that nobody had thought of the possibility of removing passwords altogether, they set out to research the field. No, nobody really had done the same so far.

So they reasoned: what if, instead of keeping all your passwords and data stored somewhere or committing them to memory (then you better take your supplements regularly!), you wouldn’t have to remember anything apart from an identification number? That’s what SingleID is. A single solution for all your online authentication needs.

You install the app on your mobile device and fill in your details one last time. From then on all you need to do is click once to confirm your transfer or interaction with any SingleID-enabled website. Your data is safely stored in your device and it’s uber-encrypted. And SingleID doesn’t have access to it, because their server only sends out notifications to the different sides involved.

What SingleID needed, though, was a way to communicate its awesomeness to the world. That’s where we jumped in. Convinced by how great and useful their product would be, we set out to explore and extract the brand’s unique story and tell it back to them.

Brand Storytelling for SingleID


SingleID’s brand hero

SingleID offered us generous amounts of information about itself. But it didn’t have a clearly defined narrative. What we had was a puzzle with almost all of its pieces present, but not in place.

How did all these fit together – chronologically but also with regards to reality and peoples’ needs? And how could we differentiate the product in a way that demonstrates its superpowers vis-à-vis other similar solutions?

By asking ourselves these questions and keeping in close touch with the SingleID team we were able to advance towards the core of their story. One of the main challenges was to explain SingleID in simple terms to its buyer personas, yet clearly communicate how revolutionary it is.

But as we progressed, we slowly became ‘fluent’ in the technical language of authentication solutions. This enabled us to be in the position of both outsiders and insiders, and thus bridge the gap between the specifics and the broader outline that was relevant to users.

Along with that, the team’s story and the individual histories of its founders were key in providing SingleID with its personality. Because what’s different to a brand, apart from the ingenuity of its products or services, is the people behind it, and their living, personal stories. These are often almost imperceptibly woven around the core of a brand and simply need to be revealed.

We then proceeded with designing the visual version of the brand hero that would fit the brand’s attitude, personality and values. Instead of flashing the usual serious look of such applications, that emphasizes security, strength and protection, we wanted to show how convenient SingleID is. Our task was to communicate that security and convenience are both important and should not exclude each other.

The results for SingleID


Case study visual concept

The timing of the core story for SingleID was just right. As SingleID launched its website and social media profiles it had enough material to work with – from the proper language for the web copy or campaigns to the that fit this language.

The brand storytelling investigation had extracted a clear perspective and message which were at the core of the brand. And the mock case studies provided the needed grounding in reality.

Edgar’s work had managed to reveal all the essential elements of the brand and tie these together in a coherent and compelling narrative which was, at the same time, flexible enough to continue evolving. With a story to give life to it, SingleID was now ready to take on the world of authentication solutions.

Edgar likes practical lessons

Working on SingleID was yet another confirmation about how useful and powerful storytelling could be. Ultimately, the goal of every brand story investigation is to discover the unique aliveness of that brand – that which animates it, gives life to it and distinguishes it from all else. And with that as a foundation, a brand can then communicate itself, much like a confident person, in a sincere, open and creative way.

Imagine us trying to wrap our minds around the technological intricacies of the SingleID app. Yet, it was exactly the digging deep and considering even the most minute details that ultimately lead us to understanding, appreciating and being excited about the brand and its product.

That is also why we love storytelling – it feels like you can never truly exhaust it, as every story has its unique twists and turns.

Have you met your brand’s story?

If not, Edgar can certainly help.

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